Entry #13

For this project, we wanted to make a statement. By fusing contemporary, bold, and classic elements, we
were able to create a space that was balanced, yet edgy, that provided the guest with a lasting experience
long after they checked out.

Entry #15

This hotel as a whole was given a refined look that allows each space to seamlessly flow together by using
classic materials and a rich color palette. A hexagon pattern, inspired by "the beehive state", is modestly
integrated into furniture, fabrics and the custom carpet to add strength, uniformity and style. Utah is known
as the “beehive state” because its early pioneers were known as industrious, hardworking, and thrifty settlers,
similar to the honeybee. We used this pattern throughout the hotel to inspire both unity and collaboration in
the communal and meeting spaces. The corridors between function spaces were designed with a flowing
connectivity that mirrors the colonies of the quaking aspens that sprawl throughout the state. The carpet
resembles this one living organism designed with movement and rhythm to help guests flow from room to
room. The natural groupings of aspens inspired clusters of seating among the common areas, while providing
an aesthetically pleasing yet highly functional space for guests to work in groups in and outside the meeting

Entry #37

Our goal was to turn an existing, outdated hotel/spa/resort into a modern, exciting, and comfortable space
for the guests and members to enjoy. The entire property; including the lobby, lounge, bar, restaurant, retail,
member lounge, fitness center, spa, and poolside was updated. In doing so, we created well designed
vignettes that draw people in by the look and keep them there by the feel. The space was opened to create a
unified space that carries from the lobby to the lounge and into the restaurant, showcasing great design in the
use of space, material selections, furniture, rugs and art.

Entry #41

Mountain Nest