WORK [under 15,000 sf]

Entry #27

EdgeCreek purchased Halestorm Entertainment’s vacant film studio located in a warehouse adjacent to their
existing offices. The Garage was envisioned to house executive offices for Edgecreek, a fully functioning
recording studio, entertainment multi-purpose space, spa, and a showroom to display the owner’s collection
of exotic cars. Music was an essential part of who the executives are. As such the design concept was
developed based on composition of materials – both raw and refined, movement, undulation and weaving the
diverse programs into a unified space. Two fully functioning slides were included in the design along with an
18' salt water aquarium, the only of it's kind in the country. Full program spaces include executive offices,
showroom, spa, recording studio, theater, gourmet kitchen, teen arcade and a children’s “treehouse”.

Entry #36

This space was designed to incorporate a private, yet collaborative work environment while maintaining their
corporate standard, which is fun and comfortable.

Entry # 39

Working closely with the (very fun) client and having clear direc,on to achieve what they wanted.
Defining the central core space for all employees to gather together. Openness and togetherness.