LIVE [single]

Entry #4

The goal was to create an updated, fresh space that opened up the floor plan to allow for more family and
entertaining space.

Entry #8

To double the size of a client’s existing home and incorporate a large family gathering room, wet bar area,
additional guest bedrooms and baths, private office, media room and indoor golf simulator was the goal of
this project.


Entry #11

To create a classic and timeless home joining two families together and design a gathering space for the

Entry #38

We asked: if you could be anywhere, where would you be and why? The client answered: the coast of
Greece, relaxing in a bathtub with a glass of wine, overlooking the ocean and sky because with the stress of
life I would give anything to relax in a quiet, beautiful place. This along with continuity of design from the first
phase of the main level remodel set the stage for the new Master Suite to be a sanctuary.

With Transitional style elements bridging from Art Deco, Rustic, Modernism, to Glam all with a nod to Greece;
the individuality of the project was achieved using local craftsmanship along with exquisite finishes to create
classic silhouettes. “Comfortable, classy, current, but not too trendy; I can go in any room, dressed up or
dressed down, depending on the occasion” was a request from the client. Classical color palettes and
elements such as symmetry were used extensively. Details and wall finishes tying in natural elements like
plastered walls, repeated custom motifs, a wood inspired ceiling, multi-level distressed charcoal-stained
hickory wide-planked floors kept a natural feeling to a clean, sophisticated style to honor the homeowners’
outdoor childhood roots and a throwback to the Grecian vibe.

Entry #44

This 810 square foot loft occupies a 1998 penthouse constructed on the roof of the former J.G. McDonald
Chocolate Company, a stately brick structure built in 1901. Lacking the post-industrial aura of its downstairs
neighbors, this penthouse unit presented both a tabula-rasa and a challenge to lend an identity to this tight
but uniquely situated space.

Somewhat paradoxically, we discovered the best way to increase the sense of openness was to turn three
rooms into five-and-a-half, concealing equipment and clutter while eliminating storage furniture. Cognizant of
the fact that this second residence would be used largely for entertaining, our design includes a large sliding
partition that can separate the modest bedroom from the large open living areas. This bespoke element
inspired the project’s signature motif: The custom fabricated sliding partition – along with every other
east/west oriented wall – consists of a large continuous intaglio line drawing that is CNC milled 3/16” deep
into its surface. The variation in proximity between the lines and counter-relief play between light and shadow
optically transform planar surfaces into faceted topographies, whose perceived depth vary depending on
ambient light and the perspective of the viewer.