Entry #14

We are incredibly honored to have worked with the Finch on creating their new world headquarters in Salt
Lake City, Utah. Being a completely digital office, Finch had unique needs when it came to creating a space
that was as mobile as their employees were but also reflected and created a strong brand that could then
disseminate throughout their global satellite offices. The design evolved around three main areas: private
offices, open workstations (bullpen), and break room, with support spaces filling out the balance of the space.
The design team tackled the project head-on with creative graphics, colors, and space hierarchy that met their
objectives within a rigorous budget and timeline.

As an additional goal, the design team took their client branding one step further, using both the client logo
and past client brands superimposed onto key areas to define these programmatic areas and lend each one a
unique identity without overwhelming the open space. The client’s joyous reaction to such creative use of
their brand manifested itself into having employees who normally remote-in actually come to the office
because it has such an active quality to it

Entry #17

When the tech company Mastery Connect was expanding into a new building downtown they understood
that a well designed space could help them achieve their goal of attracting and retaining young, talented
employees. We provided a modern, progressive design that appeals to their staff and clients.

Open office areas occupy the perimeter of the space along floor to ceiling windows and translucent walls
maximize natural light in offices closer to the center of the space. Simple materials like concrete, raw steel,
unfinished wood and ceramic tile provide natural texture and custom orange light fixtures, carpet tiles, wall
murals and laminates add bright colors to help the space feel light and open.

Entry #31

“This Brand Is On Fire”
The goal for the project was to create an office environment that embodied the organization’s brand &
culture. The space was to be a mash up of office, retail, and hospitality functions with an industrial modern
feel that played to the company’s product – “The best wood fired grill on the market”.

Entry #43

When software company Venafi sought to relocate from its suburban cubicle farm into a new headquarters
that would attract the best international talent, we worked closely with the CEO to determine how
architecture could help establish and broadcast a new vision for the culture of the company.

Our real estate search yielded a terrific location downtown, at a Trax stop, with abundant natural light and
verdant views of Washington Square. Here we sought to define new values of health, horizontality, and
community, where the entire office would share the same open space and infinitely reconfigurable sit-stand

This 1980’s-era building offered little in the way of natural interior charm, and faced with a sprawling and
undifferentiated span of drywall and oppressively low ceiling tile, we wondered whether this building had
some useful middle-aged bones hidden beneath. After stripping away the layers of beige and replacing all
HVAC and lighting with new and efficient systems, little of our $45/sf budget remained for design work and
finishes. Accordingly, our design sought to use humble materials in innovative ways, using geometry and
texture to infuse them with content.