2018-2019 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors carries out the mission of the Chapter and the International Association of advancing the Interior Design profession. Our Board is comprised of 12 elected and appointed positions that fill the following areas of focus: Advocacy, Communications, Finance, Professional Development, Membership, Sponsorship, and Student Affairs.

We are always looking for committed volunteers to advance initiatives and keep us moving forward. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, or know someone who would be a great addition to the Board, please let us know!

IIDA Headshots 2018-303_edit.jpg

Melanie Charlton, IIDA, NCIDQ | President

Workplace: Henriksen Butler

Contact: office@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA: IIDA is a community of passionate individuals that share a common goal which is to elevate and inspire others with great design.  I am proud to be a part of this organization.  Being surrounded by quality professionals I am provided opportunities of learnings, opportunities of growth and opportunities to see (and experience) design from a variety of vantage points.  This is an exciting time in our industry, and a time to strengthen our local communities and share our professionalism with all we associate with.    

Favorite Event: Fashion Remix


Whitney Reynolds, IIDA, NCIDQ | President Elect

Workplace: EDA Architects

Contact: presidentelect@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA: I am proud to be an advocate for the profession of Interior Design. IIDA helps me to educate the public about the value of Interior Design as well as advancing my own career by meeting and creating lasting relationships with other professionals and creative, like-minded people in our community.

Favorite Event: Fashion Remix


Kara Norlin, IIDA, NCIDQ, LEED Green Associate | Past President

Workplace: Midwest Commercial Interiors

Why IIDA:  IIDA provides me with the support and alliance of industry professionals that is vital to the success of our design community.

Favorite Event: Fashion Remix


Carolyn Matthews, IIDA, NCIDQ | VP of Communications

Workplace: Midwest Commercial Interiors

Contact: communications@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA:  I am an IIDA member because it provides me with educational opportunities where I can expand my knowledge base and it hosts social events that allow me to collaborate with other innovators and get to know designers and architects in our community. 

Favorite Event: Best Awards - I love to see what everyone in our community has created!


Jessica Crandall | Director of Social Media and Outreach

Workplace: Salt Studio

Contact: communications@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA:  Interior designers create human-centered environments so it follows that our profession is centered around community.  My involvement with IIDA allows me to connect on more personal levels that encourage trust, collaboration, and innovation. I love to feel a part of a global community and in a way that elevates our interior design profession.

Favorite Event: Evoke!


Dannon Rampton, IIDA, NCIDQ | VP of Sponsorship

Workplace: VCBO Architects

Contact: sponsorship@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA: I think it's important to have a professional organization that encourages us to connect with other designers, share experiences, and learn from each other. IIDA not only fosters those connections, it also helps raise awareness of the Interior Design profession in the broader community.

Favorite Event: Best Awards. It's great to see all of the creativity in our community, and to cheer for each other's hard work.


Sydnie Young, IIDA, NCIDQ | VP of Advocacy

Workplace: FFKR Architects

Contact: advocacy@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA: I’m a member of IIDA because there’s an awesome collective passion for our profession and great design from its members; I love being a part of something where creatives can connect and learn from one another.  IIDA provides us with the opportunity, tools, and responsibility to educate the public, our legislators, and even family and friends about what interior designers really do, and what we are capable of.  IIDA feels like a rad extended family of talented people who make a great impact on the health, wellness, and happiness of the communities we serve.

Favorite Event:  Best Awards!  It’s so inspiring and exciting to support and celebrate each other’s accomplishments and successes. 

Sydnie’s Events:

  • Day on the Hill

  • Legislative Forum

  • Golf Tournament


Shawn Hancock, MBA, IIDA, NCIDQ | VP of Student Affairs

Worksplace: MHTN Architects

Contact: students@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA: IIDA not only provides a meaningful network of like-minded practitioners, but promotes continuing education, professional development and individual growth while supporting legislation that fosters the highest interior design standards, brings legitimacy to our profession and advocates for our right to practice.

Favorite Event: Best Awards

Shawn’s Events:

  • Spring Student Expo

  • Fall Student Expo


Eden Stringham | VP of Professional Development

Workplace: Scholz Architects

Contact: professionaldevelopment@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA: As designers we have the responsibility to help create a more beautiful and functional world.  IIDA allows us to connect with professionals in our industry who share the vision of bettering our community and bringing awareness to our profession.

Favorite Event: Best Awards- I love to see the dedication and talent my fellow designers have to showcase!

Eden’s Events:

  • All CEU events

  • All forum events

  • NCIDQ Study Group


Julie Braam, IIDA, NCIDQ | VP of City Centers

Workplace: MHTN Architects

Contact: vpofcitycenters@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA: Because I believe that we grow both individually and as an industry through connection with one another. IIDA helps foster that connectivity, and the local design community benefits when we learn from others' experiences and celebrate one another's successes.

Favorite Event: Best Awards

Julie and Marnie’s Events:

  • Holiday Gala

  • Women in Business

  • Outreach Day

  • Tradeshow


Marnie Cochran, Assoc. IIDA | City Centers Director

Workplace: Clarus Glassboards

Contact: citycenterdirector@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA: Although I have no formal training, I’m very passionate about good design and I admire talented designers who create amazing spaces to live, work and play in. I’m a member of IIDA to show support for the design community and to connect and network with designers and industry members. And it’s fun, and I’m all about fun!

Favorite Event: Best Awards- I love to see the incredible talent and creativity in our community

Julie and Marnie’s Events:

  • Holiday Gala

  • Women in Business

  • Outreach Day

  • Tradeshow


Bethany Sadler | VP of Membership

Workplace: Midwest Commercial Interiors

Contact: membership@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA: Since the beginning of my career, IIDA has connected me with inspiring people, events and opportunities for professional development. I am thrilled to be a part of a community that strives for excellence in design as well as community outreach.

Favorite Event: Fashion Remix

Bethany’s Events:

  • Members Meeting

  • Summer BBQ

  • Wired Wednesday

  • Design Community Mixer