2017-2018 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors carries out the mission of the Chapter and the International Association of advancing the Interior Design profession. Our Board is comprised of 11 elected and appointed positions that fill the following areas of focus: Advocacy, Communications, Finance, Professional Development, Membership, Sponsorship, and Student Affairs.

We are always looking for committed volunteers to advance initiatives and keep us moving forward. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, or know someone who would be a great addition to the Board, please let us know!

IIDA 2017 Headshots-476.jpg

Kara Norlin | President

Workplace: Midwest Commercial Interiors

Contact: office@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA:  IIDA provides me with the support and alliance of industry professionals that is vital to the success of our design community.

Favorite Event: Fashion Remix


Melanie Charlton | President Elect

Workplace: Henriksen Butler

Contact: presidentelect@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA: IIDA is a community of passionate individuals that share a common goal which is to elevate and inspire others with great design.  I am proud to be a part of this organization.  Being surrounded by quality professionals I am provided opportunities of learnings, opportunities of growth and opportunities to see (and experience) design from a variety of vantage points.  This is an exciting time in our industry, and a time to strengthen our local communities and share our professionalism with all we associate with.    

Favorite Event: Fashion Remix


Stephanie Mulford | Past President

Workplace: Salt Studio

Why IIDA: Because I'm passionate about the value of Interior Design and I believe in elevating the profession through education, design excellence, legislation, leadership and accreditation.

Favorite Event:  Fashion Remix


Carolyn Matthews | VP of Communications

Workplace: Midwest Commercial Interiors

Contact: communications@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA:  I am an IIDA member because it provides me with educational opportunities where I can expand my knowledge base and it hosts social events that allow me to collaborate with other innovators and get to know designers and architects in our community. 

Favorite Event: Best Awards - I love to see what everyone in our community has created!


Jessica Crandall |Director of Social Media and Outreach

Workplace: Salt Studio

Contact: communications@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA:  Interior designers create human-centered environments so it follows that our profession is centered around community.  My involvement with IIDA allows me to connect on more personal levels that encourage trust, collaboration, and innovation. I love to feel a part of a global community and in a way that elevates our interior design profession.

Favorite Event: Evoke!


Bri Conrad | VP of Sponsorship

Workplace: Method Studio

Contact: sponsorship@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA: IIDA has allowed me to connect with a network of incredible designers, industry members, and mentors who have all promoted my development as a young designer.  I am proud to be an advocate for my profession and to promote the importance of interior design in my community.

Favorite Event: Fashion Remix


Madison Butterfield | VP of Advocacy

Workplace: Knoll

Contact: advocacy@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA: My affiliation with IIDA is motivated by the advancement of the Intermountain design community, the need for advocacy on behalf of our professional practitioners, and the elevation of design discourse, both locally and nationally.

Favorite Event: Advocacy Golf Tournament


Rachel Ludlow | VP of Student Affairs

Worksplace: CCG

Contact: students@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA: I am a member of IIDA because I believe in supporting and empowering my fellow Interior Designers and our Interior Design students (who are the next generation of Interior Designers). When we learn together, we are all stronger. 

Favorite Event:  IIDA Student Expo


Whitney Reyolds | VP of Professional Development

Workplace: EDA Architects

Contact: professionaldevelopment@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA: I am proud to be an advocate for the profession of Interior Design. IIDA helps me to educate the public about the value of Interior Design as well as advancing my own career by meeting and creating lasting relationships with other professionals and creative, like-minded people in our community.

Favorite Event: Fashion Remix


Veronica Benavides | VP of City Centers

Workplace: Henriksen Butler

Contact: vpofcitycenters@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA:  It's a great place to network within our profession.

Favorite Event: Best Awards


Julie Braam | City Centers Director

Workplace: MHTN Architects

Contact: citycenterdirector@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA: Because I believe that we grow both individually and as an industry through connection with one another. IIDA helps foster that connectivity, and the local design community benefits when we learn from others' experiences and celebrate one another's successes.

Favorite Event: Best Award


Bethany Sadler | VP of Membership

Workplace: Midwest Commercial Interiors

Contact: membership@iida-intermountain.org

Why IIDA: Since the beginning of my career, IIDA has connected me with inspiring people, events and opportunities for professional development. I am thrilled to be a part of a community that strives for excellence in design as well as community outreach.

Favorite Event: Fashion Remix