BEST:  Brilliantly Executed Spaces and Thinking

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In your opinion, should a project be able to be entered in multiple categories if the firm is willing to pay the entry fee twice? *
Should the LEARN: Education category be subdivided to LEARN: K-12 and LEARN: Higher Education
Do you think WORK should be further subdivided to WORK under 15,000 SF, WORK 15,001-50,000 SF and WORK Over 50,000 SF?
Currently the category is WORK Under 15,000 SF and WORK Over 15,000 SF.
Should SERVE: Government, Institutational, Assembly, Religious, Libraries, and Museums be further subdivided?
Did you like having the ability to preview the PEOPLE'S CHOICE Entries on the website prior to the event?
Did you like the introduction of the SINGLE SPACE category?